6 Ways to Overcome Impostor Syndrome and Be Your Best Self

Impostor syndrome, or to put it simpler, that feeling that you’re an impostor, a fraud and people are going to find that out any second is a big thing. A lot of famous people suffer from it, like Emma Watson, Tina Fey, and even John D. Rockefeller’s son. It’s impossible to live feeling like an impostor and be happy at the same time, so knowing how to overcome it is a big step to personal success.

Tips on Controlling Your Impostor Syndrome

  1. Ditch that perfectionist in you.
    You might be a legit expert in something, and yet be really aware and insecure of those things you don’t know. That doesn’t make you a fraud, not knowing or getting it wrong is okay. Next time you feel it, remind yourself that as any other human being, you have a right to be wrong.
  2. Keep in mind, you’re the reason of your success.
    The impostor in you tells that the only reason you’re where you’re now is a mere luck. Even if you win a grant based on your achievements, leadership and personal example, you might feel that was just an accident. The truth is, every opportunity you have in life comes to you because you opened yourself to it.
  3. Don’t compare.
    Never compare yourself to other people (and for God’s sake, don’t do it to anyone else). People are different, as well as their stories. All of us have different goals, destinations and paces. Envy makes everything look darker and less enjoyable, so while being jealous of others, you’re forgetting who you are. And what’s more important, you’re forgetting to improve.
  4. Run a test (or an experiment).
    Don’t treat things that serious. Try to come up with something new, go other places, explore life. Life is a free market, and it’s your chance to try new stuff while it’s low-risk. If you find that doesn’t fit you, you stop. But life doesn’t end, and certainly the world doesn’t hate you. You’ll find things more affordable and enjoyable if you treat them like an experiment.
  5. “So what?”.
    Never allow other people pin you down with that impostor syndrome. Sometimes people pressure you to things, for example, saying you should do something as you possess this skill/have a degree. Saying “no” or “I can’t” doesn’t make you an impostor.
  6. Remind yourself of an existence of this syndrome.
    If you tell yourself that you have it, and it’s just that feeling again, it should calm you down.

3 Things You’re Missing out on While Hiding with Impostor Syndrome

  1. Getting new skills.
    It can make you stay out of a gym, or a code school forever. And that prevents you from being your best self.
  2. Reaching out to people.
    You can do it with your words, your writing, your singing or any other achievement. Impostor is a cork on a bottle of your talents.
  3. Living fully.
    And lastly, you feel pressured, stressed and pathetic when feeling like an impostor. That should be enough to battle it.

You can overcome that syndrome and start living a totally different life. The one that has happiness and a lot of positive events in it. Open yourself to new things by ditching that fear of being discovered and pinned down. You have all the rights to make mistakes and be not-so-perfect.