About Me

I am a writer, and this blog was created to share my experiences, thoughts and ideas for people, as well as for me. I find writing things out not just good for my work skills, but also relieving. There is a reason psychologists tell you to write your feelings down. Sharing tips, advice, service is also quite important for success, and I have a lot to tell you.

Things You Can Find on This Website

Throughout life, I’ve seen different things and tried myself in many spheres. Knowing insider tips and information can help you better understand different sides of life along with mastering your skills.

  1. Writing tips and guides.
    Writing is just something that I can do, and I’m willing to help you improve in that. The art of word is complex, but if you apply yourself and take your time and perseverance, you can master it.
  2. Advice on family life and relationship.
    Writing is not the only thing I do, I also am a father and a loving husband. Maintaining a family and warm atmosphere inside of it is a hard task for many people and the divorce statistics of this country only proves that. You can find some personal stories here and good proven advice.
  3. Information and news on business and startups.
    If you want to be your own boss one day, you can find a lot of useful information on running a business here.
  4. Tips on life management and pursuing your career.
    Career is really important for many people, but not many people know how hard it might be to follow it. Been there, done that, here you can find a lot of reflections on career choice and keeping the right balance in your life.

Hope that this website and my unique experience will give you some new thoughts and maybe even inspire you to change your life. Together we can help you develop your skills, make your dream come true, pursue your career or just lead a genuinely happy life full of exciting experiences.