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Tips on Creating the Best Lighting for your Videos

If you are vlogger (video blogger), you definitely know the importance of having a well-lit video recordings. Well, it is just a must! Okay, let have a small role-playing game here. Put yourself in your viewers’ shoes. Would you feel comfortable watching a poorly-lit video? How would you feel if you streaming a cooking video and you can’t even see which ingredients are being used? Too many times, people will just want to find something else to watch even if you create really informative videos. So, if you wish to attract more viewers and please the current ones, make sure that you have proper lighting each time and these video lighting tips will help you do just that. A high quality video production in Los Angeles can be counted on using top of the line lighting for its productions.

Use natural light. Mr. Sun is your friend! Use natural lighting to film your videos. It just gives that fresh-looking lighting effects that artificial lights cannot exactly reproduce. If it’s too hot outside, be cautious though. Do your recording under a shade of a tree or somewhere sheltered. You don’t want to suffer from heat stroke for sure. However, when you are inside a room, film near a window to use the light from the outside.

Have a diva light. This is one of the best lighting equipment if you are filming videos like a make-up tutorial or if you are talking straight to the camera. A diva light is a ring-shaped light you can place in front of you to brighten up your whole facial area. This is useful if you are filming in a dim room or during the night when it’s not possible to use natural lighting. 

Use support lightings. Umbrella or soft box lightings are great support lightings when you are filming inside a room. Umbrella lighting usually come in umbrella shapes (obviously) but there are also those that are shape like boxes that can be placed diagonally in front of the video subject. Sometimes these support lights may also be directed on the walls or on the corners of the walls to give off a softer light effect.  

Invest in a good camera. If you want to produce the best videos, aside from lightings, you have to purchase a quality camera too. Find one that works with your budget and you may not even need additional lightings anymore. Practically speaking, this will save you money and you will always have good recordings as well. 

Creating the best videos should not be expensive or complicated. With the proper understanding of how lightings work and a good camera, you are on your way to producing quality videos for your audience every single time.