Hobbies and spheres of interest can tell you a lot about a person, so I assume it could be quite useful to tell about mine. I believe that those will cast new light both on my personality and on the purpose of this blog.

7 Things That I Am Extremely Passionate About (and Why)

  1. It’s not a hobby or an interest of mine, but it fully presents who I am. As a writer, I’m always interested in improving my own skills and helping others master theirs. The power of the word is huge and you can’t underestimate its influence.
  2. They are my everlasting source of inspiration and motivation. Every person has a story, and every story is worth being remembered. I am opened to meeting new people, listening to them, as that helps them and enriches my experience.
  3. Emotions and basic psychology.
    Every writer is a psychologist on some level, as they have to deal with people, emotions, different experience. Being an empathetic person, I want to deepen my knowledge of human behavior to assist others and myself in adversities.
  4. My family.
    It’s crucial for success to have some positive encouragement by your side. I consider myself a lucky man, as there are people who are always there for me and probably a reason I’m where I am.
  5. Business and fresh ideas.
    The world is still moving only because of those bright minds and fresh ideas. The 21st century is that age when everyone has a voice and a chance to speak up and bring their thoughts to the table. That inspires me, and as I happen to know a thing or two about business, management and leadership, I want to share my knowledge with others.
  6. People respond differently to challenges and adversities. Throughout life, we develop different coping mechanisms to deal with stress, city life, work, pressure, depression, etc. Taking a closer look at and sharing those in form of tips and advice can help people all over the world to live better.
  7. Motivation and encouragement.
    The most important lesson of my life is that you can do anything if you have enough motivation. That is why it’s crucial to empower people through your words and actions.

I try to keep my website interesting for people and share my ideas and tips about my interests. So if you find any of those worth closer inspection, you’ll find more information here. I want to help people master their skills and live up to their goals using support and encouragement they can get from me.